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5 Examples When We Have Been Fooled Again!

When We Have Been Fooled Again

Won’t be fooled again! These famous, well – known, lyrics, written by Pete Townsend, and performed, by, The Who, should guide us, in terms of, how we listen, and concentrate to those, we elect to serve and represent us, and/ or, run – for – office! Unfortunately, it often seems, the American public, rather than learning, continues making an equivalent mistakes, and trusting public officials, and politicians, who probably, don’t deserve our trust! Although, lies, and/ or, misstatements, made by these individuals, is nothing, new, within the past few years, we’ve witnessed, an alarming amount of behaviors, which we should always not, still allow/ permit! With, that in mind, this text will plan to , briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, of people , who should be serving and representing, our greatest interests, appear to place their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, first, before the greater good.

  1. Trump’s Alternative Facts: it is vital to acknowledge , although, most are entitled to his own opinion, there are only, one set of facts! When, one among former President Trump’s advisors, and spokespersons, used the expression, Alternative Facts, to explain a number of his misleading, and/ or, false statements, etc, then many voters , appeared to accept this behavior, and rhetoric, it’s easy to ascertain , why, we are, so easily fooled, over, and over, again!
  2. Trump resorting to call – calling, complaining, blaming, and calling, anything, which disagreed, Fake Facts: Simply, because, we do not accept as true with something, doesn’t make it a fake fact! For four years, we witnessed, that President, constantly resort to call – calling, complaining, blaming, and using the expression, Fake Facts, while never accepting any personal responsibility, admitting any error/ mistake, etc, and proposing much – needed, viable solutions!
  3. Mitch McConnell’s hyperbole: one among the foremost powerful politicians, in Washington, D.C., is Senator Mitch McConnell. As Senate legislator , he bragged about, how, the Senate, was where, legislation, came – to – die, and, how, we might make it, nearly impossible, for any Democratic legislation, to even, come, to the ground . He was influential, in attracting corporate donors, to support his party. When, the opposing party, recently, gained control of the Senate (by the narrowest, of margins), he changed his rhetoric, and spoke – out, against corporations, getting involved in political issues, as we recently observed, after Georgia enacted legislation, most consider, a sort of voter suppression, etc. At the very least, his behavior is hypocritical!
  4. Changing deficit – talk: As if, the Republican Party’s actions, opposing increasing the Federal wage (for the primary time, in 13 years), claiming it might be harmful, to the economic and job markets, wasn’t concerning, enough, the changing talk, and attitude, regarding the budget deficit , from once they passed the 2017 tax reform legislation (which raised the deficit, significantly), which was promoted, claiming it might help the center – class, but, which, we now, know, primarily, benefited, the wealthiest Americans, and largest corporations, to, now, opposing, much – needed, stimulus funds, is, perhaps, the epitome of dangerous, concerning behavior/ rhetoric!
  5. Gun Safety: Although, surveys/ polls, indicate, the overwhelming majority of usa citizens , including gun owners, support sense , gun safety controls, such as, background checks, safety, use, and licensing/ registration, many (especially, in Congress), continue opposing these, even in any case the lives, lost! Another example, is, assault weapons, which, most, see no need, for! It often seems, the gun industry, has an exceptional amount of influence, over certain public officials! what percentage more must die, before, we see, some meaningful actions? Isn’t it strange, we register cars, and drivers, but not, guns, etc?

Wake up, America, and stop, being fooled, by empty promises, rhetoric, and faux facts! Don’t we’d like to try to to better?

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