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house rent in america


All people wishing to travel to America, or even some people residing in America, may not have their own homes, so they need homes for rent in order to pay their wages in exchange for overnight stays in them according to the time of the contract concluded between the lessor and the lessee, so today we will talk about a new article of its kind about rents in America and some cities And the American provinces and regions, where there are houses, small rooms and apartments for rent.

There are also many people looking for apartments for rent in all American regions, so we will provide you with the information we know and the assistance that we were able to provide you with for rents and the prices of renting homes and apartments, to complete the following together.

 Areas with high rent prices in America.

We also told you that every region or province in America has a specific feature in terms of rental prices and apartment rental, as the regions or provinces that are high in prices for rent find that they contain features that do not exist in any other region different from them, so this region is the most expensive in price and region The ones that do not have these features are somewhat low in price. For example, the rental price varies from one area to another if there is a car garage in the house, or if the house is close to a lively street, or if the area itself is commercial. Certainly, the area in which the services are more than Any other area will inevitably be high prices for rents.We will first talk about the capital, Washington, which will inevitably have high prices because it is a capital and there is a population activity in it. It has the characteristic that it is a governorate with governmental procedures and is of great importance to Americans, so the services are more and the building of apartments is better and more beautiful. Therefore, the prices are high in relation to rents, where you find prices ranging from 2000 A dollar to 3500 dollars, meaning that according to the areas in which it is located, according to the apartments and according to the houses, but the cheapest price for rent in it is 2000 dollars. You will not find less than that in Washington.As for New York, which is an important city for Americans, it is considered one of the high-priced areas for rent. It also has a characteristic in that, as it is similar to Washington in terms of population density and in terms of services and in terms of beautiful construction. There are home apartments whose rental price ranges from 1900 dollars to 2000 dollars. As for renting an apartment For an entire family in New York City, its price ranges from $1,900 to $2,900 per month. As for the three-storey buildings near New York City and close to a lively street, the rental price is around $1,500 per month.Let’s move to the province of Los Angeles, and this province has a characteristic that is completely different from the rest of the provinces. Los Angeles is a purely commercial area, so you will not find cheap homes and apartments in it. The rents are very high, for example, a small room and the cheapest in the governorate, the rent price is 1200 dollars per month, so the prices are high, not only in rents and also in almost everything.

Lowest Rental Areas in America

Texas is the cheapest city for residential rents after Oahu, perhaps because it is far from commercial areas and perhaps because it does not have a population density like other cities or states, but it is certain that there are no job opportunities for those who want to work in it, for example, if you want to rent a room, you will get it The price ranges from 600 dollars to 800 dollars, and you can get a garage for your car with the room, and if you want to get two rooms, you will find the apartment prices range between $ 650 and $ 750 per month.As for the state of Oahu, it constitutes approximately the same percentage of the state of Texas. Oyahu is colder in the winter than others, but the weather in it is very wonderful and there are some people who come to it only because of its beautiful weather on the holiday, and Oyahu has been criticized for its extreme calm, which may not suit some persons.But if you rent a cheap or expensive apartment, you have to pay all the bills incurred on the apartment in which you live, as this is stipulated in the rental contracts.

The difference between high rent and low rent states in America

There must be reasons, characteristics and circumstances for every city, state and province in America that make it cheap to rent apartments or expensive to rent. It is also similar to the state of Los Angeles, followed by New York City, as well as the fact that the state of Texas is low in rent prices because it does not contain job opportunities like any other state and there are no businesses in it, and the state of Oahu is attached to it, where there are almost no job opportunities and this difference is the most influential in rental prices in the United States of America.

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