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industry in Britain

Britain is the second largest industrial producer in Europe after Germany, as its revenues from industry in 2016 were estimated at about 505 billion dollars. Britain maintained its industrial production for 23 years, which led to the

industry in Australia

Industry in Australia Australia has a mixed market economy and is considered the largest mixed market economy with a gross domestic product of about A$1.69 trillion A mixed market economy is defined as the type of economy in which the

industry in Europe

Europe's economy includes Europe's production of manufactured goods, cars, machinery, and steel, and service industries such as banking and health care are increasingly important. Europe's vast agricultural lands with fertile soil produce

economy in America

The United States has the strongest economy in the world, and it depends on a market economy based on free investment and commercial competition. The United States has great wealth of mineral and energy resources, petroleum, natural gas,

European Central Bank

The bank in general is a financial institution and the bank provides financial services and is the basis of the banking and financial system of any country  The European Central Bank is the central bank of the European Union and is

Economy in Kanada

Canada's economy is the eighth largest in the world. It is one of the richest countries in the world and a member of the Economic Union. It is experiencing tremendous growth in advanced technology and service industries. Canada's economy
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